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We would like to invite you to organize a Special Session in our conference

Fees: 320 EUR for publication of one paper in Springer Verlag indexed

The aforementioned fees will be applied if we have a Minimum number of 5 (five) articles in a Special Session

You can send us your proposal by email (by replying to this invitation or directly to the email of the particular conference) including Title, Organizer-Chairman, Aim and Topics like this example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EBWVHNmQPtARUnbBPeG1Gmk0uxmxQu25Gaola67L5e8/edit?usp=sharing

Instructions: You will collect the articles in the conference format, you will review them and you will send us all together in a ZIP file.

Successful Special Session Organizers will be included in the International Scientific Committee of this Conference.

Note that you have to advertise your Special Session among your colleagues, among your mailing lists, Facebook, Blogs, Social Media etc etc, otherwise, maybe it will fail. The conference is also accompanied with a Full-Day Tour for all the Participants.

Except the usual presentation of the papers in the conference room during the conference, your papers will obtain an international audience via our Channel in Youtube https://www.interbit-research.com/presentations.html

Best Regards

The Organizers